5 interesting facts about human teeth

5 interesting facts about human teeth


A normal adult mouth has 32 teeth; deciduous teeth, commonly known as milk teeth are usually lost and replaced by permanent teeth; sweets spoil your teeth, and some foods and drinks make them darker. These are perhaps the most accessible facts about teeth known.

However, we represent top five interesting facts about human teeth:

Tooth enamel is the most durable tissue of the human body

Tooth enamel is so strong that it can easily withstand even intense mechanical stress. That is why drills are made from diamonds - most other materials are powerless against tooth enamel.

However, our enamel is vulnerable to acid or alkali. Therefore, our saliva, if possible, protects the enamel from the effects of these substances that enter the mouth with food.

Human teeth are not restored

Unlike many other organs, human teeth are not restored. If, for example, a piece of a tooth breaks away, it never regenerates: only a dentist can restore a tooth using fillings and other treatment methods.

It is interesting that in some animals, unlike humans, teeth grow and regenerate: for example, sharks’ teeth grow back as they grind, while elephants’ teeth is updated nine times for over 60 years of their life

Chewing muscles are the most powerful

Chewing muscles are the most powerful in the human body. Closed jaws can exert pressure of up to 3.5 centners, the only problem is that the teeth themselves will not withstand such pressure, therefore, in ordinary life, the force of the jaws does not exceed 10-15 kg.

Dentistry appeared centuries ago

The first dental implants were performed back in Ancient Egypt: transplanted teeth were found in the jaws of the ancient pharaohs, the ‘donors’ of which were most likely slaves or deceased.

Bite associated with musculoskeletal system

The bite may be associated with the condition of the musculoskeletal system: if a person has a malocclusion, in 90% of cases he also has problems with the spine.

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