Why is caries dangerous for heart and how can it provoke cancer?

Why is caries dangerous for heart and how can it provoke cancer?


Caries and other problems with teeth are far from an aesthetic problem: diseased teeth can provoke a variety of diseases from gastrointestinal problems to oncological diseases.

According to Andrei Yaremenko, head dentist of St. Petersburg (Russia), rotting teeth are a constant source of foreign bacteria that the body tirelessly fights, keeping the immune system on alert.

One of the main functions of the immune system is to“ capture ”mutant tumor cells that are born every second in the body of each of us, he said adding that a healthy immune system usually copes with this task quickly, but if its forces go to the fight against infection from “rotten” teeth, then the mutant cells “remain unattended”, which can trigger the development of cancer.

For the heart, according to a specialist, bad teeth are also dangerous.

“Permanent inflammation in the mouth can lead to bacterial endocarditis, an acquired heart disease. I'm not talking about diseases of the maxillary sinuses and purulent inflammation of the soft tissues that arise from complications of untreated caries and from which the patient may even die,” the dentist noted.

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